Xat’s Power 61 Announced

This morning, about an hour ago, Xat officially announced that power 61 will be Temporary member. That power is now is testing and we should soon have more details on how exactly it works. On a similar note, Xat has also announced plans to change the way Temp Mod works.

Stay tuned for that!

Update 1 : Power 61, like tempmod, is used by private chatting a user. To “temp member” a user simply type /mb5.0 to make him a temporary member (5.0 being the number of hours). Note that with a few limitations, this power is for and can only by used by Main owners, owners, moderators and tempmods.

Limitations include and are particular to tempmods. Tempmods are able to both make temporary members (but only for one hour) and also guest any temporary members.

4 Responses

  1. Darkness falls says:

    Plz plz i dont mind testing it too
    i really want powers and stuff but i cant get any ):
    im ilovedyoutwo (78672930)

  2. reigne says:

    i also want to test this power pleaseeeeeeee my I.D is Promociones2010 (153342430) pls pls pls tnx

  3. Zach says:

    Hello. My name is Zach.
    I wouldn’t mind Testing the power.
    My Info: Ace0000001 (209175843)

  4. genthosuskana says:

    i wohnt this testing my id Genthosuskana (114260724)

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