Xat’s Power 82 – We have clues!

We’ve received a “tip”, from very high up, that power 82 will fall within the following parameters:

1. It will be named gmarine, simply marine, or some variation thereof
2. It will be both a power, and a “group” power (unless we got this one completely wrong)
3. Ummm.. there is no 3, that’s really all we know which leads us to…

Power 82 – Speculation…

Our initial guess, given the name and the ease at which one could come up with smiley ideas, has us leaning towards a “Marine” (as in aquatic) themed smiley set. This set could include things like a starfish, a jellyfish, an anchor, etc… How this could be both power and group power has us scratching our heads.

That’s all we’ve got so far. If anyone finds any additional information or has any insight, that leans our way or in an entirely different direction, feel free to comment below.

Thanks everyone!

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