Why I like xatblogs.net

Most of you know, some don’t, but I am the sole person responsible for what is written on the Xatworld blog. Xatblogs gives me an outlet that isn’t really available to me on the Xatworld blog as I prefer to keep everything as factual and opinion free as possible. Here I will blog about whatever I want, the good and bad of what’s been going with me, my chats, and my sites for the past two to two and a half years. Very little will be omitted and everyone will have a ringside seat, so to speak, to all the drama that I’ve had to and continue to endure. The proverbial gloves are off!

Stay tuned for that!

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  1. Ondazz! says:

    Yes i’m with u Joombly

  2. admin says:

    I got the popcorn poppin, let me grab a cold Coke,

    I see smoke….

    This should be good!