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Xat’s new EASTERLAND power

Hey guys! 😀 This just in, the new Xat power ID 381 has been announced as EASTERLAND power. A set of new easter smileys and new pawns. Here’s the current smileys from our Xatworld homepage: (easterland) (bunnyhole) (carrots2) (daffodil2) (eggfx) (egghat) (happyeaster) (robotegg) (sunriseegg) (ufoegg) In addition to the smileys,...

Easter is here! xat’s new Ebunny power

This just in, xat has just released some information about their newest power. It’s Ebunny power, a limited smiley power made specially for easter. Smilies: (ebunny) (ebsleep) (ebsad) (eblove) (eblaugh) (ebcute) (ebidea) (ebhide) (ebdizzy) (ebblush) (ebback) (ebsil) Limited pawns: Pawn Name Power required Code Eb1 Ebunny (hat#hu) Eb2 Ebunny (hat#e)...

Next Xat Power – Easter

Next Xat Power – Easter

Xat announced it’s latest power just over an hour ago; it’s Easter! Testing has started, the power will be limited, and it should be out on or before Sunday, April 4th. Below are the Easter themed smilies: basket, bunny, bunny2, chick, egg2, paintegg