Familiar Xat world graphic

I’m including this because I’ve seen this graphic floating all around the internet; sometimes as a Xat avatar, a Xat logo or header, a Facebook fan page avatar, etc… I thought it was time to share its source.

The backstory here is that while writing a Xatworld blog post titled “Xatworld Global Sites – More coming!” I needed a graphic; something that captured the essence of that article. The obvious choice for me was the planet earth. I did a bit of Googling and came across the following image.

xat world 1

I brought that image into Photoshop and added a Xat planet blue overlay to get this.

xat world 2

Looking at the PSD it looks like I then used Xat’s own logo to create the lettering.

xat world 3

After removing the navy blue background and blowing up the font, this was the end result; the same graphic that I’ve seen used countless times around the internet.

xat world 4

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