DX, what the heck is it? Hmmmmmm…


As Da Infamous Rapid Fire already stated in his post DX has been given to two testers.

Here are a few unconfirmed DX rumors:

1. Once the DX power is used, you lose it.

2. If you have two DX’s and you “use the process” once, you will lose DX. If you do it again, you’ll lose the other.

3. Asked “Are you going to sell DX” a tester replied no, because “I am spending the power”.

So… Any guesses?

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No Responses

  1. blue says:

    I think it sounds pretty bad sicne you have to buy a new one everytime you use it….

  2. Ondazz! says:

    Joombly, nice job! I’m so curious to know what do DX power!… Gimme some info eh ! hehehe…

    Congratulations… Happy 2010… Good Job men !


  3. SUPERDJ says:

    Maybe it’s Double Xats… Hmm! Sounds cool tho 😀