Xat Bot – Coming?

xat bot

Nothing official here (not yet anyway), but a fellow xatBlogs user has kindly pointed us in the direction of a Xat chat running a BOT 24/7.

Currently the BOT, which is still in beta, monitors the chat for spammers and foulmouthed users, guest-self’s you when requested, and also kicks/bans when appropriate. …continued

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No Responses

  1. Jenny says:

    yep! i did lmao i love how you said DipGoo instead, classic! 😀 awesome Joombly, miss ya!

  2. joombly says:

    Heehee… i borrowed it from 2010 Space Odyssey’s HAL 9000 🙂 Did you recognize it? 😛

  3. Jenny says:

    haha i love that pic! i like the bot idea sounds cool. i wonder if it will just become annoying tho like the gag glitch tends to be.