Xat’s Stricter banning option – In progress!


We haven’t seen a mention of this anywhere so, we’ll call it a xatBlogs EXCLUSIVE!

A few minutes ago we were alerted to something that we haven’t seen before. A new option called “Stricter Banning” that, although currently visible on the “Extra chatbox features, Extra options page”, for some reason, still can’t be activated. If you mouse over this option you can see the following tag:

“Try to stop unbanning (note may ban innocent people)”.

This looks to be an answer, obviously, to people constantly unbanning themselves (perhaps by changing IP). Anyway, until the option actually takes hold, we have no way of trying it out or knowing what it really does. Btw, to get to it, EDIT your chatbox, then click CHAT BOX SETTINGS.

Credit goes to Noctambulo (you all know who he is *wink*) for pointing it out.

Update: This feature is “rumored” to take closer notice at chat bans. If one particular IP is banned, then banned again (assuming here that the same user unbans, resets his IP, and returns to the chat), this feature will block an IP range; which explains the blurb about taking out “innocent people” – credit goes to Phsycical

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