“Easy on the eyes” Big Xat Chat generator

xat full  screen

We’ve been toying around a bit and have come up with a Xat big chat launcher. What it will do is give you a full screen browser version of any Xat chat. You resize your browser, full screen it if you’d like, copy and paste your chats EMBED code to our page, click “submit query”, and presto, bingo, bango, you’ll get a link that when clicked will launch a full sized version of your chat.

What’s it good for?
– you get to see more of the chat screen (works great in a busy chat where the text just passes buy too quickly to see)
– you get to see more of the userlist (easier to keep track of friends in rather large chat rooms)
– Well, IT’S BIG! – impress your friends 😉

Try it out now!


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  1. Ncoley says:

    PURE AWESOMENESS (GOO) WILL BE HUGE! i cant wait to try it -eyes glitter-

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