Xatworld Idea Factory LAUNCHED

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Yesterday we posted a new way to earn free xats, days, and powers; namely by you sending us your super fantastic ideas for things that you’d like to see here on Xatworld.com. So confident are we in your genius that we are prepared to dole out two spanking brand new Ultimate game cards every time we publish one of your ideas.  In fact, our users have indirectly inspired our latest creation… We present to you… drum roll please…”The Xatworld Idea Factory” taa-daa!

If ever you come up with a unique idea for Xatworld related content, just send it our way. We’ll take a closer look at it, mull it over a bit, and if we think you have something, we will create it and send you Ultimate game card codes (worth xats and days). It’s as simple as that.

Read on for all the details.

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  1. Crash says:

    I think a section where people and upload their own xat tutorials would be a good idea for a new section.

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