It’s Official! Best Stick Animation gets Purple – Contest!

xat purple contest

Just before the new year we mentioned the possibility of having a contest for best Stick animation. We were light on details at that moment but have since worked everything out. So…without further adieu, here it is!

Xatworld/Mundoxat’s official “Best Stick animation wins a Purple (and more) contest!“. Note that all Xatworld entries must be submitted as a comment to this same post.

Also, while you’re here, don’t forget two very important but unrelated things:
1. Sign up for and follow the official Xatworld Twitter feed (actually this one IS related as we will be posting contest updates here(
2. Visit our friends over at and get your own Xat blog right now!

Thanks everyone and good luck to all!

Update 1-15-2010: Comments have been closedand we’ll be sorting through all the entries over the next few days and will post the five finalists and the winning entry then.

Thanks to everyone that either took the time to participate and/or tell anyone else about the contest. Good luck to all!

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274 Responses

  1. Andre says:


    andreborges5290 (181682149)

  2. pieisgood says:

    And my name on those chats would be PurplePaw/PricklyPopper/PawPtropica

  3. pieisgood says:

    #1 (stick#CIT1Qarco1VR+ZhyLOoB)
    #2 (stick#SI1UwrXaW4nS+diSrukB)
    #3 (stick#yFOUzbYYa+9KKiWjTuoB)
    #4 (stick#yMtUvrUmXBBRBudqb+oB)
    #5 (stick#yMsVPqogpBBVOKOKrekB)
    I dont have an xat account or whatever, so if there is any other way you could give me the purple power, please do. You would most likely find me at the Poptropica Help chat {} or my chat {}. If you cant, then I hope I at least win my stick as the picture. I hope I win! 🙂

  4. Pedro says:


    PedroThePedo (157610407)

  5. Anakin072akaJoe says:

    Mine Is (stick#gAJWCaRCBZUMQrOkyFGI2gRETEKjoohNiJiERkGIVoRGPYgWhJI9KJmDsjUAkNGpgxO6OCGjEjopIatRFyd0UgKyCqGTUQ8=) ID: 181067035

  6. dj.alsiha says:

    wierdo person stick dude with a wierd leg injugery thts infectious

  7. dj.alsiha says:

    splits woow

  8. dj.alsiha says:


  9. dj.alsiha says:

    a stick thts stuck in a box where only secret powwers can gooo =]]

  10. dj.alsiha says:

    deformation of a adult stick to a miniture one who woulda guessdd not meh

  11. dj.alsiha says:

    idk what this is but its somthing i dont think u have seen before saying i didnt know half the people here on xat had amde my desgins but not my box man =] the orginal

  12. dj.alsiha says:

    being random act 40001

  13. dj.alsiha says:

    being random act 40000

  14. dj.alsiha says:


  15. dj.alsiha says:

    nervous twiching stick

  16. dj.alsiha says:

    kick boxing stick ID:bffglossy618

  17. dj.alsiha says:

    easily bored medatating stick

  18. dj.alsiha says:

    ID:bffglossy618 this is actually pointless this animation

  19. dj.alsiha says:


  20. dj.alsiha says:

    this dude is made of stone hes un able to be snapped in half or broken

  21. dj.alsiha says:

    disco sew has got grove

  22. dj.alsiha says:


  23. dj.alsiha says:

    reached meh leg id:bffglossy618

  24. dj.alsiha says:

    forgot id:bffglossy618
    please dont boot me out i never knew u needed id plz so sorry dudes and cough dudette cough