UGC Cards for Your Ideas – free xats, days, powers!

We know that not everyone finds the time to head over to Spanish Xat. Having said that, since April 15th, directly below the Spanish help chat (our original forum posting and Twitter post), we’ve been beta testing a new idea that we later hoped to bring over to Since the cat is so to speak, “out of the bag” (maybe it was just a coincidence), we won’t wait.

What we have been offering is one UGC card (that’s 1200 xats and 60 days) for your “original” ideas for new pages/generators, etc.. We are not limiting the prize to any one person or one idea. Instead, The author of EACH idea, that we actually create, will be awarded one UGC card. In fact… scratch that completely… NEW RULE: the author of each idea that we create will receive two $10 UGC cards (2,400 xats and 120 days). Updated: See official Xatworld Idea Factory page for latest offer.

So, again, what we are looking for are ideas for new generators, but more specifically new ideas having to do with making Xat easier to use. Things like our smiley generator, our big chat launcher, our color codes page, etc… The ideas must be original in that they mustn’t already exist on other Xat resource sites; that means our own or any others that happen to be out there. That’s it really. If you have any questions feel free to ask below. Also, we are not looking for powers or features ideas that would have to be placed on the website.

Those interested and wishing to submit their idea may do so by simply sending an email to . Please include your Xat ID number, nick that you usually use, and registered ID. That way we can find you! This is an open offer to submit your ideas to us, which will ultimately help everyone, and it’s a great way to earn extra xats, days, and powers. Good luck to all!

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5 Responses

  1. Xatworld says:

    Oops… sorry for the typo. The offer still stands at Two Ultimate Game Cards. My xat/day calculation was off – Corrected! 🙂

  2. Xatworld says:

    Jediah, please submit to the email listed in the post. Thanks!

  3. ALEX says:

    i have some ideas i hope that your gonna like it.

    ((skulls power))
    – i think its so cool ,skull face or smile
    ((ninja power))
    – now thats a power lil ninja smiles its will be nice or ninja with sword or something like that
    ((dance smiles))
    its gona be cool specially with colors
    thanks for seeing my ideas thats all what i have 4 now

  4. Does it have to be for a generator?? Because I have a different idea that a lot of subscribers would probably like.

  1. April 26, 2010

    […] ← UGC Cards for Your Ideas – free xats, days, powers! […]

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