$120 UGC Xatworld Giveaway – Shocking!

This week we ransacked our local 7-Eleven and walked away with as many $10 Ultimate Game Cards (value = 1200 xats + 60 days) as we could get our hands on (12 to be exact). The clerk said that to date, it was the largest single purchase of UGC’s cards that he had ever seen. –  🙂

free ultimate game cards

free ultimate game cards

free ultimate game cards

Our goal is to give these cards away and to continue buying and gifting new cards each month. We understand that not everyone has the ability to purchase xats, powers, and days, and since we have had success with this in the past (both here and here), this seemed like a good way to keep giving loyal Xatworld.com users a little something back.

Q: Hey, huh, wait! How do I improve my chances of winning a UGC card?
A: We will occasionally announce UGC giveaways via our official Xatworld twitter feed, so be sure to follow us there. Also, since many of our giveaways are time-sensitive (i.e. “first five people to blah blah blah”), once signed up, we strongly suggest getting our tweets sent directly to your mobile phone.

Good luck to everyone!


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24 Responses

  1. Adeeeeeee`:X says:


  2. Colin says:

    nice i bought about 40 5 dollar UGC,S at seven eleven now im gonna sell them

  3. bryan50466 says:


  4. Davon says:

    awesome, i’d love that

  5. teffany says:

    cant wait 2 get those xat on mah hands

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cant wait 2 get those xat cards

  7. Binks says:

    ORLY! well, this is highly epic

  8. Mystery? says:

    I hope i win because i always wanted one because i only have 1 day and like 5 xats 🙁

  9. tamil says:

    Nicccccce hope i get one of the cards 🙂

  10. ||Destroyerz||U‎n‎d‎e‎f‎i‎n‎e‎d™ says:

    that soo kool

  11. someone says:

    finally, xat.com 🙂 are giving away xats and days 😛 twit!twit! and nice to know guys you got kind heart 🙂 hehe In my xat life I never been selfish and self centered I shared what I have. and 🙂 to whom I shared I always tell them share your blessing remember you started in xat like them 🙂 . hehe! keep up the good work guys!

  12. supermoose says:

    can i also just say im 10. havent got money. dont get pocket money and have never had a day or a xat on my account

  13. supermoose says:

    i wouldnt mind having one of those cards!

  14. Dovlet says:

    this was my dream actually, thanks for helping those who can not afford to buy or access to buy. I am really happy for you guys. I always wanted something like this, someone who could help those who cant get xats. however, i hope these cards will be go to those who really cant buy xats. May God bless you guys for good work, keep up. Need help, let me know! thanks again.

  15. theallpowers says:

    original powers (Y) xD

  16. Zeus says:

    Wow! much dolar is crazy haha …good bye all

  17. luiizz says:

    hii !!

    jajaja :S

  18. Maiiamusic says:

    That is soo cool 😀

  19. Cooldudejack says:

    What if you cant do any of those and all you can do is go on xat?

  20. black gothica says:

    wow it’s cool if i can have one of it i would like to have one

  21. Paco says:

    Can’t wait. x)

  22. solp says:

    this is awesome man!

  23. PurpleAndrew says:

    seems to be good i think i can get some free xats lol

  1. November 27, 2009

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