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Those of you who frequent Trade or Cambio (Spanish Trade) have no doubt wrestled with the task of converting xats to days, days to xats or simply figuring out the cost of quantity “x” of some specific power.

Ziggy did a great job coming up with a formal list of current store, fair and high values that he published on his Fair trade page. That page became part of Trade for a time before they too came up with their own, member updated version of a Fair trade page. Although each does have its own merits, we’ve been searching for something similar, but in a much simpler and easy-to-use format. Xatworld Idea Factory’s very own “Ellen90999cp (192313721)” has come to us with the idea of a xat to days converter.

Using our new Xatworld exchange page, users can now calculate online xat to day, day to xat, and power conversions on the fly. We think everyone will find it useful. In the coming weeks we will try to add some additional functions to make everything much easier for Xat traders.

Thanks again to Ellen for the idea (you’ll be getting your Ultimate game card codes for helping out – send me your ID!).

2 Responses

  1. Agent15642 says:

    AWESOME IDEA ELLEN!I love that!Also you deserve the ugc card cuz you are an awesome friend and you always wanted one!

  2. Dorian1453 says:

    Congratulations Ellen! You deserve the ultimate came card codes because your ideas are awesome! Once again, congrats! 🙂


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