Xat HAT Color Code Generator

xat hat color

Me again! 🙂 Minutes ago, actually 2 hours ago according to our new Twitter widget, we announced our new Nameglow color code generator. We made reference to a code that we had “stashed away”. Well “that code” is this code only now we’ve separated it into two parts: Nameglow color codes and now Hat color codes.

Simple to use, our Hat color code generator quickly lets you choose from a multitude of colors. Displayed below that color picker are the current Xat hats available to those users that have purchased the Hat power.

We will be adding all seasonal Xat hats very shortly. In the meantime, if anyone would like to lend a hand, just tell us which ones we are missing. 🙂


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1 Response

  1. rico says:

    excelente essa ideia de separar em duas partes…
    podferiam alem do chapeu colocar para a copa camiseta dos times.. seria legal

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