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xat image editor

Have you ever wanted to edit a xat chat background, a screenshot, or any tweak any old image? Photoshop is admittedly the best answer to everything and anything graphic and we do use it here on the Xatworld website. The problem is that it’s expensive and not everyone can afford it. There are of course a few venturous souls that when met with such a predicament have gone the route of GIMP; also very useful and free!.

Online image editors are another beast altogether and there are many. Very easy to use and fast, they have the convenience factor going for them as they can be accessed from anywhere!

Today we’ve dug up just one these. Pixlr’s image editor is now and forever installed here on Xatworld.com. We figured it would be “useful” for fellow Xat users and we have made it permanently available here on our website. In the next few days we will bring you one more, equally as good option, that we will also include in the Xatworld.com utilities section (left/bottom user menu).

Try to edit an image now.

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