New Kiss Preview and Practice Range

We’ve just finished up and are ready to debut our new, user suggested (thanks DontDenyYourLove!), Xat Kiss generator.

With it we hope that everyone will more thoroughly understand how Xat kisses work, what some of the kiss options are, and  just how cool they really can be. We also see this Xat Kiss generator as a good tool for experimenting with pull, bugs, and globe type kisses to see which Xat smileys are currently functioning and which aren’t. In our testing, we’ve concluded that IF it doesn’t show up on the Xat kiss generator, it will not show up in a chatbox (see below).

We’ve all seen these spaces before…

xat kiss generator

Turns out that if you choose to send a Kiss to someone and choose a smiley that isn’t visible, you get this (someone please correct me if I’m wrong)…

xat kiss generator

Using the Kiss generator you could check firsthand, before purchasing a kiss, if your particular smiley choice was working or not. Good? We hope so!

Try the Xatworld Kiss generator here

Special thanks to DontDenyYourLove for the idea (submitted to us via the Xatworld Idea Factory page). He will be getting a $10 Ultimate game card code for helping out.

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2 Responses

  1. iPandoze says:

    By the way you made a typo!
    He will be getting a “U$10” Ultimate game card code for helping out.

    • Xatworld says:

      Thanks iPandoze… Yeah, I do that for Spanish users sometimes… “$10” could mean dollars, pesos, rupees, etc… I put the “U” in front of it so people know that it means US dollars 🙂

      Thanks though!

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