Find a Xat Bug, Get a Low Numbered ID

While Xat is hard at work on cool and exciting new features, we’d like to draw everyones attention once again to

Most people already know that on that page, they are able to suggest new features and powers. However, many don’t realize that Xat glitches, bugs, and errors can also be reported there as well. We mention this now because someone close to us, a friend and colleague, took the time to report a “flaw”. Xat found it helpful enough that he was kindly rewarded with some Xats and a very low digit ID.

So if you have programming knowledge and spot something that you think Xat should be made aware of, don’t hesitate to use the report a glitch feature. Xat will appreciate it, and you’ll be doing the entire Xat community a great service.

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  1. mark says:

    the only thing i want is to get lower digit number id for my account so i be number 1 or just like darren have 7 id so the only i get to be lower digit bye pple

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