Xat Screen Capture for Firefox

Yesterday, here on Xatworld, we launched out first Xat image editor. Since then, we’ve discovered another very useful tool that combines that same editor with Firefox right-click functionality. What that means is that if you are a Firefox user, by installing a simple plugin you will be able to right-click screenshot any page on Xat.com and send it to either the image editor or your desktop.

We’ve tried it out and it works awesomely!

Right-click OUTSITE (not directly on the chatbox) any chatbox and select your option:
xat screen capture

You can choose to edit (very cool), share, save (great also!) or copy to clipboard:
xat screen capture

In a few seconds you’ll be transported from this…
xat screen capture

…to this. Here you’ll be able to edit the image and save it either to desktop or automatically to an online image storage site:
xat screen capture

Example of grabbing a defined area:
xat screen capture

Example of grabbing just the visible part of the page:
xat screen capture

Example of grabbing the entire webpage (visible or not):
xat screen capture

If you already have downloaded the Firefox browser (and you really should as it’s much safer than Internet Explorer), you can find the Pixlr Grabber plugin here.

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  1. ACKirbachu says:

    I like how the help screen shows somebody asking how to send flowers. 😛

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