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xat smiley generator

Several months ago we had the idea of creating an offsite (that’s “outside” of Xat.com) Smiley generator that would simply allow a user to input a shortcode (i.e. omg, smile, d#red, etc…), hit a submit button, and have the Xat smile instantly generated full size. It seemed like a great way to get full size Xat smiley graphics with the added benefit of being able to customize each one; just like you would on Xat.

Currently, Xat smiley “experimentation” can only take place within the constraints of each chatbox. This very simple generator allows you to quickly type in smiley codes, generate the image, and get a nice clean image on a solid white background; great for creating Xat graphics, Xat comics, Xat backgrounds, or simply trying out different code combinations to later use live in a chatbox.

Anyway, after presenting the idea to Xat staff we were happy to hear that they would possibly be putting a Smiley pimper together themselves. As such, we have decided to keep our version very simple and will eagerly wait for Xat to come up with something better.

In the meantime, have fun with our Xat Smiley generator.

Thank you to Xat.com for the swf 🙂

P.S. There are a few code combinations that can only be added, updated by Xat directly.

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  1. shane says:

    Big fun! Also you can use stuff like 10001 for youtube, 30002 for poll, etc. 😉

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