Xat Tiled Backgrounds – New!

xat tiled backgrounds

Xatworld has just launched its new Xat tiled backgrounds section. Remember, you saw it here first! 🙂

Users will now able to easily decorate their Xat and Xatspace page backgrounds by choosing from literally thousands of both colored and image tiled backgrounds. Just find a tiled background that catches your eye, preview it, then copy and paste the CSS code that we provide. That’s it. Don’t like what you have? Bored? No problem. We’re here to help! Just come back, grab another code, and off you go again!

We will continually be updating and adding new tiles and will be working on a short “how to change your Xat or Xatspace background” tutorial very soon; keep an eye out for both!

Xat color tiled backgrounds
Xat image tiled backgrounds

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