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Hi everyone! We have a new site that we’d like to more officially help promote; its called xatBlogs (plural). Some of you may have seen the new xatBlogs banner that we’ve placed on our Xatworld homepage. Well, we’d now like to do the same via this blog and our twitter feed.

For those of you still unfamiliar with the website, xatBlogs is a sort of social community slash blogging platform geared towards bringing together fellow Xat users. For a few days now we have been watching, participating and doing our small part to help get everything up and running on xatBlogs. We are pleased to see that there has been an absolutely tremendous response from loyal Xat users, kudos coming directly from Xat staff, and xatBlogs is fast approaching it’s 200th member.

Back in October, when we first noticed and wrote about the apparent interest in personal Xat blogs, we were looking for a way to help interested users launch their own Xat resource, gossip, and news sites. While we work on that, we see xatBlogs as a serious launching platform to network with other Xat users, make friends, and help get your work out in front of other users like yourself.

Anyway, if you’re even slightly curious, head on over to xatBlogs.com and reserve your own Xat blog right now! If you run into problems or need some extra help feel free to contact me personally and I will help get you setup.

Thanks everyone for supporting Xatworld.com and xatBlogs.com!

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2 Responses

  1. sinem says:

    Ty xat ty 42 :))))

  2. Day147 says:

    So it’s like where ppl can blog?

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