Xatworld Global Sites – More coming!

xat global

Users of Xatworld already know that we have a global network of Xat resource sites in varying languages (check our history). Each site is of course targeted to a specific group of Xat users.

xat global

Mundoxat.com, our “Spanish speaker” Xat resource site, is indisputably THE single most trafficked Xat resource site on the internet. It’s forum for example has upwards of 9,000 users and continues to experience very healthy growth. This website, supported directly by xat.com/ayuda members, and through unparalleled cooperation by each of them, has compiled the largest group of Xat tutorials, help related questions, backgrounds and avatars.

Mondoxat.com, our “Italian speaker” Xat resource site, although not nearly as trafficked as Mundoxat, is still arguably the only true Xat resource site available in Italian.

Xatworld, is of course our “English speaker” Xat resource site. Make no mistake about it, Xatworld was the first such site (ask Xat staff), has always been and hopefully will continue to be the most trafficked and most popular Xat resource site. If it ever falls short of that, so be it! Our satisfaction comes not from being number one but instead from helping other people. It’s what we do, it’s what we’ve done, and it’s what we will continue to do.

Having said that, and staying true to our roots, we are happy to announce that we are adding a few more languages to our global site network (the next of which will be Turkish). Our goal is to first draw attention to the site and then get everyone on board running their own resource sites, in any language, independent of us or anyone else.

Thanks everyone for supporting and believing in what we do. Those who do not know us, can read through our history page or look for me personally (I’m easy to find), on xatBlogs.com.

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