Xatworld – new stuff :)

We’re trying out two new things on Mundoxat.com; if they work out, we’ll move them on over here as well… they are… *drumroll please*…

1. A flag generator (yeah, raise your hand if you know what Botswana’s national flag looks like. Mmmhmm, didn’t think so. This should help with that)

xat banderas

2. A background tester. Hmmm… well, you upload a background URL, click a “cargar” button (means load btw) and then use a color picker to pick out just the right button colors. Useful? Well, we’re not sure… someone asked for it and it’s certainly easier than entering the chat admin, pasting the code, saving the page and previewing the changes each time 🙂

xat fondos

Thanks people! 🙂

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